Island Heritage Charity Drive

Charity Drive

Want to raise funds for your favorite charity?

Breast Cancer Foundation (Cayman)

Organization works diligently in raising Awareness & providing local practitioners with the training, skill, & medical equipment to be able to help breast cancer patients.

National Trust (Cayman Islands)

The National Trust has been protecting the future of Cayman’s heritage since its inception in 1987. Created to preserve the history & biodiversity of the Cayman Islands


Charity Fundraising

Help Us Raise Funds For Your 3 Favorite Charities

The Roundabout

The Island Heritage Roundabout was adopted in 2011 – an idea that sprang out of our staff’s desire to help beautify Grand Cayman and improve the environment.

Roundabout Celebrates Cayman Heritage

Once a bare and forgotten patch of scrubby grass, the re-landscaped Roundabout celebrates Cayman’s culture, complete with a miniature Cayman-style cottage, a catboat and native, locally-grown trees. It is admired and loved by our staff, customers and the public at large.

Raise Funds For Your Favorite Charity

Based on popular demand from our surveys and contest we choose 3 charities that we help to raise up to $15000. The Island Heritage Charity Drive is an Annual Event and we select 3 different charities each year.

Your Charitable Impact

Show the country that you care and help raise funds for your favorite charity. The feeling of giving is priceless!

Trusted Organization

Hundreds of individuals worked with us and we offer the opportunity to connect with other charities.

Our experience

With decades of experience, our professional staff have broad knowledge of community issues and needs.

Charity Drive

Want to raise funds for your favorite charity?

Special Needs Foundation

Our commitment to the cause is not enough to keep us running: we need all the support …

Save Our Youth Foundation

Your help is needed to ensure we are able to continue the programs to our endangered youth….